Album review: Skream ‘Outside The Box’

Skream's new album 'Outside The Box'

Skream is back with his latest album ‘Outside The Box’and it seems to do exactly what the album’s title suggests. Skream has always been at the forefront of the Dubstep genre, pushing the boundaries in terms of style, including his famous remix of La Roux’s ‘In for the Kill’ that was one of closest thing to a commercial success the genre has ever produced.

It’s hard to swallow that this is only Skream’s second studio album as he has been one of the pioneers of a still maturing genre. However this second album is almost unrecognisable to his full length debut ‘Skream!’ back in 2005. This album strays off into uncharted territory for a supposedly Dubstep album, however that seems to be the intention by Skream. He told Mixmag in an interview: “I don’t even see it as Dubstep any more, I just see it as this big community of UK bass music. It’s really interesting and its running shit at the minute.”

The 14 track album explores jungle and garage beats aswell as featuring a few tracks with an ode to Skream’s older more classic Dubstep work. ‘Listening to the records on my wall’ shows Skream looking backwards for inspiration with a recreation of 90’s jungle/breakbeat.  There is the brilliantly atmospheric ‘Where You Should Be’ featuring Sam Frank which could be placed between R’n’B and Dubstep and the final song on the album, simply titled ‘The Epic Last Song’ is surprisingly a mid-paced Drum and Bass song.

It’s clear to see from this album that Skream is simply producing what he likes the sound of, not restricting himself to the conventions of the Dubstep genre he helped create. You could say it is ambitious and there are some hit and miss songs which may not pay off with his fans, however you have to admire his confidence in moving his sound forwards.


Click to here on Youtube:


“Where You Should Be”

“How Real”


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