Mr Scruff 6 Hour Set Live @ KOKO 19th February

Mr Scruff is known for his legendary 6 hour sets. Photo courtesy of

Mr Scruff returned to the Camden venue Koko with yet another sell out marathon 6 hour set. The Manchester based Trip Hop DJ’s sets are legendary, with his sets showcasing  a mixture of Jazz, Swing, Hip Hop and Dubstep (to name a few) put together with his trademark loose lined drawings and the option to buy some freshly brewed Mr Scruff tea.

It would be difficult for any DJ to sell out the established 1500 capacity Koko venue with only their name and no support acts, however Mr Scruff manages to pull off another quality six hour set to add  to his previous 10 sell out shows here in Camden.

The famous Koko Venue inside. Photo courtesy of

As I arrive into Koko at 9pm the dance floor is empty whilst the venues bars are slowly filling up with people awaiting the start of the marathon set and the Koko venue is the perfect setting for another night of dancing to Mr Scruff. Koko is an old converted theatre however it still keeps its retro charm with its original interior, balconies and giant chandelier in the centre of the ceiling.

As always with all of Mr Scruffs sets, his music goes hand in hand with two giant screens either side of him playing his home made animations of his trademark drawings, telling the crowd among many things to ‘get their knees up’ and ‘incoming bass alert’ perfectly in time with the bass and flow of the songs.


A classic Mr scruff animation. Photo courtesy of

When the screens turn on, the dance floor begins to fill up and it’s a sign that the six hour set is well and truly up and running. From this moment onwards the dance floor remains packed until the final song, ‘Get a Move On’ which is Mr Scruff’s biggest single and understandably gets the best crowd reaction as the tired yet hyped crowd go for one last dance.

It’s hard to pick a highlight amongst an exciting and ranging set bringing in a diverse mix of Scruffs eclectic music taste and a large number of singles from his six album back catalogue. But that’s the point of a Mr Scruff gig; it doesn’t matter if you haven’t even heard a single song by him, or are even a fan of Trip-Hop music, you’ll be on the dance floor by the end of the night. Fact.


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