The Streets: ‘Computers and Blues’ Album Review.

The Streets fifth and final album. Photo courtesy of

As I have already blogged about the curtain call of the Streets in my previous post I feel it’s only necessary to give a review on the final album ‘Computers and Blues.’

Having listened to the Streets previous four albums I had come to the simple conclusion that the two albums that followed ‘A Grand Don’t Come for Free’ gradually got worse and worse. The Streets fourth album ‘Everything is Borrowed’ just didn’t work at all in my opinion. However I was hoping that Mike Skinner would hopefully be bucking this trend for his bowing out album, and although it doesn’t reach the heights of the first two albums, the album is strong enough to be remembered as a good, reflective album of a career that has spanned 9 years.

As expected with all Streets albums, the opening song is one of the strongest on the album. ‘Outside Intro’ is a busy song with its constant analogue beep alongside a repetitive guitar riff, however it works. The lead single from the album ‘Going through Hell‘ has high voltage guitar, which has flashings of the style of ‘Fight for your Right’ by the Beastie Boys,  however it doesn’t seem to work and is easily one of the weakest songs on the album.

Fans of Skinners more deep, emotive songs will like ‘OMG’ a song showing a young man being traumatized by the relationship status of the girl he wants, whilst fans of Streets songs with a more happy atmosphere, will enjoy the melodic garage styled ‘Those Who Don’t Know.’

The album ends with ‘Lock the Locks.’ “I’m packing up my desk/Put it into boxes/Knock out the lights/Lock the locks and leave/I’ll leave one evening, and be seen off by a party for my parting in a bar.” The upbeat yet reflective song marking the end of Skinner’s music alias as the Streets, will he be missed? I think so…



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