Interview: Two Spot Gobi

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Two Spot Gobi are a six piece band which are a hard act to pin down to one genre. They effortlessly  add trumpet and cello to a standard alternative line up to create a big pop sound with a twist. The band has been playing together for five years and consists of James Robinson (vocals/guitar), Rob Lewis (cello), Matt Ellis (trumpet), Ben Matthews (drums), Ben Daniel (bass), and Dino Randhawa (guitar.) I spoke to James on the eve of the launch of the first single off their second studio album ‘The Sun Will Rise.’

I spoke to James to find out what their plans are for the near future as well as his views on the rise of ‘Two Spot Gobi’ to where they are today.

Me: How long have you guys been together as a band?

James: We’ve been together 5 years.

Me: Where did you all meet?

James: Most of us met at Sussex University – we recruited the rest along the way.

Me: What are your musical influences?

James: Its diverse there are six of us, we listen to literally everything from classical music to contemporary pop. As a band we get off on: The Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, The Police, The Beach Boys, Toto, Jamiroquai, Jason Mraz, but the list goes on.

Me: How would you describe your sound?

James: We have cello and trumpet in our line up so it’s an alternative band spread, but we have heavy pop influences. It’s an organic sound, rich textures, harmonies all over the place, but essentially we are towards the pop side of things.

Me: How do you find the whole studio experience good or bad?

James: We always love to record, it’s all part of the process, and we recorded our last album in California at the home of Jason Mraz. We were there for two months, it was magic, and we worked hard, played hard, surfed hard and grew so much not only as a band, but as brothers as well.

Me: Where were your best and worst gig experiences?

James: Favourite gig was at the ‘Porto Coliseum’, Portugal, a 5’000 capacity venue, Awesome. Worst gig was ‘The Zanzibar’ in Los Angeles, the PA blew up on us and we were supporting Bruno Mars, he was so slick, he wiped the floor with us. Not our finest moment.

Me: What’s your favourite song to perform live? Which song gets the best crowd reaction?

Either Let’s Get Lost or Sunshine Lady. No More always goes down well.

Me: How was it supporting Jason Mraz? You’ve performed on stage with him, how was that?

(Click here to hear the live version of ‘Lets Get Lost featuring Jason Mraz)

James: Awesome, the guy is a hero – one of the most generous people you will ever meet.

Me: How is the new album: ‘The Sun will rise’ going? Are you happy with it so far? Do you have any plans for the album launch yet?

James: Sure do, we are planning to release it in May 2011, tentative date is the 16th. Can’t wait.

Me: How did the shows in America go? How was the Oscars gig as an experience?

James: Shows in the US are always so fun; the audiences really get what we do. We love the friends we have made in America. The Oscars party was awesome as an experience; we definitely saw a side of Hollywood you don’t expect to encounter every day.

Me: You have a single launch at Audio in Brighton and a gig at Borderline in London, are you excited? Can we expect any songs from the new album?

James: Hell YEAH we are excited and we will be dropping a fair few songs from the new record for sure, as well as a couple of special bits here and there.

Me: Have you already been signed up for any summer festivals? Which festivals do you plan to perform at?

James: That seems far away, but we will be all over the festival stuff. Watch this space.

Me: What are your plans for the near future? Any gigs or tours abroad on the horizon?

James: Release some singles from the record, tour them, meet new people, go back to US, perhaps Europe, and spread our music to as many folks as are interested, exciting times.

Me: Anything random you want to add?

James: We just went for a drink in Crouch End and randomly got chatting with Scott Mills from Radio 1. That’s pretty effing random if you ask me!

To hear a taster of the new album: click here or head to the bands myspace click here.

Their debut album ‘Everywhere You should Have Been’ is on Spotify along with the album ‘Demo Day’s’ which is an album featuring remastered demo’s. Both albums are available on I Tunes or through the bands website.


Two Spot Gobi know how to put on a good show photo courtesy of

Two Spot Gobi know how to put on a good show as I have witnessed on a number of occasions. A big sound created by a bunch of talented musicians which I can pretty much guarantee will get you dancing or at least appreciating a unique pop sound.

You can catch Two Spot Gobi at their next show which is at Borderline in London on March 3rd for the single launch of ‘Guiding Star’

(click here to here the new single.)

Tickets are £7 and you can buy them from or by following this link.

If you can’t make the London show, the band are also launching the single at Audio in Brighton on March 11th, tickets are £5 and are also available from Ticketweb.


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