Album review: Skream ‘Outside The Box’

Skream's new album 'Outside The Box'

Skream is back with his latest album ‘Outside The Box’and it seems to do exactly what the album’s title suggests. Skream has always been at the forefront of the Dubstep genre, pushing the boundaries in terms of style, including his famous remix of La Roux’s ‘In for the Kill’ that was one of closest thing to a commercial success the genre has ever produced. Continue reading

Mr Scruff 6 Hour Set Live @ KOKO 19th February

Mr Scruff is known for his legendary 6 hour sets. Photo courtesy of

Mr Scruff returned to the Camden venue Koko with yet another sell out marathon 6 hour set. The Manchester based Trip Hop DJ’s sets are legendary, with his sets showcasing  a mixture of Jazz, Swing, Hip Hop and Dubstep (to name a few) put together with his trademark loose lined drawings and the option to buy some freshly brewed Mr Scruff tea. Continue reading

The Streets: ‘Computers and Blues’ Album Review.

The Streets fifth and final album. Photo courtesy of

As I have already blogged about the curtain call of the Streets in my previous post I feel it’s only necessary to give a review on the final album ‘Computers and Blues.’ Continue reading

The Streets: Closed


Mike Skinner has announced the end of the Streets. Photo courtesy of

Mike Skinner aka the man behind ‘The Streets’ has announced that his fifth album ‘Computers and Blues’ will be his last. Skinner announced the end of his alias  by placing a ‘closed’ sign on ‘The Streets official website on February 7th. In an interview with the Guardian, Skinner said: “‘I’ve been doing it for 10 years and I’ve always tried to do something different with each album. I’ve run out of avenues.”

Continue reading

Interview: Two Spot Gobi

Two Spot Gobi photo courtesy of

Two Spot Gobi are a six piece band which are a hard act to pin down to one genre. They effortlessly  add trumpet and cello to a standard alternative line up to create a big pop sound with a twist. The band has been playing together for five years and consists of James Robinson (vocals/guitar), Rob Lewis (cello), Matt Ellis (trumpet), Ben Matthews (drums), Ben Daniel (bass), and Dino Randhawa (guitar.) I spoke to James on the eve of the launch of the first single off their second studio album ‘The Sun Will Rise.’

I spoke to James to find out what their plans are for the near future as well as his views on the rise of ‘Two Spot Gobi’ to where they are today. Continue reading

Is our Greed destroying the Music Industry?

HMV's flagship store in Oxford street photo courtesy of

The high street music retailer HMV announces it plans to close 40 of its high street stores (that’s almost 1 in 10) due to poor sales over Christmas. The key point here is, we as music consumers are causing music stores to close through illegal downloading. The high street market quite simply can’t compete with the easily accessible free music that is available online, be it through websites like YouTube or online streaming companies like Spotify. Continue reading

The Union Presents Skream, Nero, MistaJam @ Fabric Jan 27th.


Skream. The alleged 'Godfather of Dubstep' photo courtesy of

When it comes to Dubstep there is always one artist that will always gets mentioned: Skream. The supposed godfather of Dubstep who has pretty much been the front runner of a still maturing genre is back with his second album ‘Outside the Box’ – the follow up to his brilliant 2006 debut album ‘Skream!’ So being a personal fan of Dubstep and Skream I was more then a little excited to see what his live show would bring. Continue reading


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